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8-Port/4-Port USB 3.0 Host Adapter Card with 4x Independent USB 3.0 Controllers

Neousys PCIe-USB380/340 is an 8-port/4-port USB 3.0 host adapter dedicatedly designed for industrial and vision applications. USB 3.0, or SuperSpeed USB, is an emerging bus technology to deliver ten times the data rate over USB 2.0, and is particularly useful for high-speed data storage and image devices. Most off-the-shelf USB 3.0 cards implement multiple ports with single USB 3.0 controller, which introduce significant  performance degradation for multi-port operation. To achieve maximal per-port performance, PCIe-USB380 has four independent NEC/Renesas μPD720202 USB 3.0 Host Controllers and x4 PCI Express® Gen2 interface to fulill up to 5 Gbps bandwidth for each port when four ports run simultaneously. In addition to bandwidth advantage, PCIe-USB380/340 features on-board regulated 5VDC power supply with a unique design of user-configurable 900mA/1500mA current limit to supply stable 5VDC power to external USB devices. It also supports software-programmable per-port power on/off control for fault recovery operations. Combining high bandwidth, industrial-grade power design and reliable cable connection, PCIe-USB380/340 brings great convenience to interface USB 3.0 devices for versatile operating systems, such as Windows XP, 7, 8 and Linux.


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PCIe-USB380:  8-Port USB 3.0 Host Adapter with 4x independant USB 3.0 Controllers

PCIe-USB340:  4-Port USB 3.0 Host Adapter with 4x independant USB 3.0 Controllers

USB-Cable-3M:  USB 3.0 Type-A to Micro-B cable with latched connectors, 3-meter length.

PCIe Bus4-Port USB 3.0 Interface8-Port USB 3.0 InterfacePowered USB3 Ports0C to 60C Operating

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